Stem Cell Therapies 

If you suffer from arthritis, damaged ligaments or tendons, spinal issues, cartilage defects, injuries or other joint pain, stem cell therapy could be right for you. We offer two types of autologous stem cell treatments, harvesting from your bone marrow or adipose tissue – and neither requires surgery. Instead, we inject the injured area with concentrated cells that can reduce pain and expedite the healing process.

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BMA Therapy

BMA stem cell therapy treatments are safe, natural alternatives to traditional surgeries. These noninvasive treatments encourage new tendon and cartilage growth, and in some cases, they can even restore pre-injury function. They are especially effective for patients with osteoarthritis, delivering relief with little to minimal downtime.



XoOrtho encourages cells and soft tissue to repair and reconstruct themselves. Derived from umbilical cord cells, XoOrtho is administered in a three or five-week protocol using a series of intra-articular injections (2-5) to facilitate regeneration by activating a patient’s own cells.

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