Regenerative Therapies 

At Non-op Ortho, we provide a variety of regenerative therapies. We offer you a customized treatment program specific to your pain and condition. Learn more below about treatment options available to you.

Stem cell treatments

We offer 2 different types of autologous stem cell treatments. We can harvest, from your bone marrow or adipose tissue, depending on your age and the type of injury that you have. This is the top-of-the-line product used to recruit new tendon and cartilage growth. It works exceptionally well for mild to moderate osteoarthritis and very well for moderate to severe osteoarthritis.


Alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) is harvested from your blood, like PRP. It is a concentrated protein that helps reduce inflammation and can slow and even stop the progression of degenerative arthritis. It is a great product to use after a surgery or an injury that has caused swelling and inflammation. A2M reduces the risk of developing joint degeneration in the future. It can also be used to pretreat the joint before using stem cells. It greatly reduces post-injection swelling and pain.


Placental matrix allograft tissue replaces damaged connective tissue in the body. Placental matrix allograft tissue is harvested from a consenting adult mother delivering a child by cesarean section. It is a good alternative for less severe injuries and smaller joints such as acromioclavicular joints, hands, feet, and even facet joints as opposed to using steroid injections. Additionally, placental matrix allograft tissue is low volume and less expensive than an autologous stem cell injection. The placental matrix allograft tissue is screened for disease prior to application.


Amniotic fluid injections is essentially a natural alternative to surgery. Amniotic fluid surrounds a baby in the womb and is released when a mother's water breaks. Amniotic fluid injections are used to restore damaged tissue and have the ability to replace bad cells, going beyond short term pain relief. It can serve as the solution for joint, ligament, and tendon damage.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is an alternative to surgery that uses one's own body to restores damaged tissue and joints. PRP injections are made up of plasma that have higher levels of platelets than regular blood, thus increasing growth factors. It has been known to speed up the healing process and treat many soft tissue injuries. PRP can be injected directly into the problem area.


Percutaneous Needle Tenotomy treats chronic tendon conditions by disrupting pathological tissue with small holes inserted in the tendon, thus regaining circulation in the problem area. The treatment is performed using ultrasound guidance.


Percutaneous nerve releases and hydrodissection treatments are used to release an entrapped nerve through injecting fluid into the nerve using ultrasound technology. As a result, symptoms of numbness, tingling, and pain are eliminated. Percutaneous nerve releases and hydrodissection treat carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, and many other nerve entrapments.