Who Says You Cannot Change Your Skin?

There literally, could be nothing more blissful than being comfortable in your own skin. But blemishes make it miserable. Skin diseases, burning and other problems make patients’ skin awful. Sometimes skin diseases even make it so fragile that normal rubbing or scratching can lead to massive blisters or wounds. Rare genetic diseases for example Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa (JEB) make people suffer from this kind of problem the most. There is a protein on the top layer of the skin known as laminin-332, JEB patients have a mutation in this When the protein stops functioning, any kind of friction such as rubbing or scratching can cause blisters or separate the topmost layer of skin.

Primarily there is no cure for JEB and it affects teens the most. A good number of patients die during the first year of disease.

Stem Cell Therapy

You could call it a breakthrough for the treatment of JEB. In a publication by Nature magazine, it has been claimed by Italian scientists, that stem cells from the patient can help to heal JEB. In the laboratory, researchers made a sheet of a skin with stem cells or healthy skin from the body, which is then used to replace the JEB affected skin area. This is now a majorly popular treatment in OKC and people are ready to experience this breakthrough in stem cell therapy.

This treatment was first done on a 7 years old boy who had lost approximately 80% of his skin. Doctors had tried all available treatment options and asked for permission to try this therapy method. The treatment process is kick-started by obtaining un-blistered skin cells. Then the cells received laminin gene by a gene therapy procedure. These corrected cells were expanded for grafting.

Within a month, the patient had got visibly wonderful results. Within two years the skin was completely cured, it firmly adhered to the underlying skin and showed signs of normal skin and withstood the stress of blisters. This is how stem cell therapy can act as a miracle for affected patients all over the world including OKC.

stem cell therapy okc.jpg


Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it literally protects all organs inside. It senses the environment, protects from infection and other physical damage. It sheds off naturally and replaces itself. Epidermal stem cells replenish the skin cells as well as hair follicles and sweat glands. Previously, there was no cure for JEB but now stem cell therapy works wonders to assist with this.

We wish you do not suffer from JEB. In case you do however, or if you have any other skin related issues, come to us at Non Op Ortho for stem cell therapy in OKC.