What Happens to Aging Stem Cells

We cannot deny aging. This is an inevitable part of life that we all confront. With our hair turning grey, our muscles and bones getting weaker and our resistance power getting low, the body starts showing symptoms of aging. What happens when our stem cells start aging?

This body is a multitude of cells which are growing, changing and dying every day. Then, there are new cells and the cycle goes on. The cells are there in the body to replenish organs and tissues of the body. This is imperative to keep the body in good working condition. If there are issues in your body and you can opt for stem cell therapy in OKC to treat the aging issues of your body.

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Now we will be discussing what happens to the stem cells when they age. For an example, hematopoietic stem cells produce cells for blood and immune system and in aging adults, these grow more in number. This growth happens to compensate for their overall loss in functionality.

What Happens to Brain Cells

Until the 1960s, it was believed that humans are born with a lifetime supply of brain cells. But the discovery of neural stem cells (NSCs) has broken this dogma. These cells reside in a few parts of a brain with the ability to produce glia and other types of neurons in certain conditions. With growing age, NSCs start to lose their ability to regenerate damaged brain cells as they witness a significant reduction in the neuron numbers.

There is a recently published study by a group of researchers at Stanford University who has an interesting insight on this therapy. They have a mouse model where they have investigated to know the difference between young and old mice and to see how stem cells change their work process. NSCs when they age start to show poor clearing of broken proteins as they start interfering with normal function of cells. NSCs when aged have a number of broken protein clumps. This is really striking as multiple age-related neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are linked to a build-up protein, clog brain cells and make those die.

The inability of NSCs to clear broken cells are spoiled and it destroys its ability to activate and produce new neurons. When you opt for regenerative orthopedics in OKC it will help to stimulate the protein clearing system of NSC artificially. The patients of stem cell therapy in OKC with this treatment get help on their physical problem as it restores neuron generating ability.

This regenerative orthopedics in OKC or everywhere is able to help age-related problems and some promote stem cell regeneration. Come to Non-Op Ortho if you need this treatment. Let us check how we can help you the most on your issue.