The Considerably Effective Way to Kill Back Pain

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Chronic back pain is unbearable. Only the people who face this pain, can understand how miserable it is. Many people in OKC suffer from back pain. Painkillers can help the pain momentarily, but it comes back again after the effect of the medicine fades away.

Stem cell therapy is considered an effective way to reduce pain. This is an experimental treatment on which several types of research has been done. The long-term study, from the American Society of Interventional Pain, shows the evidence on the effectiveness of this treatment. The treatment is processed with platelet-rich plasma or bone marrow aspirate stem cell concentration. In this process, a patient’s own stem cells are used for the treatment. This is called autologous, the most effective option available for this treatment.

A study took place in California where twenty patients had platelet-rich plasma and stem cell treatment for 18 months. They were asked to rate their pain afterward on the Verbal Pain Scale (VPS) at the first, third, sixth, twelfth and eighteenth-month marks. Other assessments included post-procedure medicines, health-care services, spine surgery etc. From the 20 patients who attended the first study, 18 of them continued at 6-month mark, and 15 of them attended the 18-month mark. With patients who continued through the end of the study, more than 50% relief was reported on the Verbal Pain Scale, from 94% and 93% of the patients at 6 and 18 months respectively. No side-effects have been reported.

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The regenerative treatment in OKC includes stem cell treatment for back pain as it reduces the use of medicines as well after treatment. It is reported that 89% of medication use was been reduced for patients at 6 months and 80% at 18 months. Also, during the study, no patient had any emergency situation including surgery.

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