PRP Injections Can Make a Big Difference

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP injection involves a therapy for tissue regeneration that uses patient’s blood. Quite surprisingly, PRP injections have shown quite effective results for tendon and joint injuries. There is no doubt that this treatment is a first and foremost choice for regenerative treatment in OKC.

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About the Injection and Work

Platelet concentration is five to ten times than normal human blood. After taking it from the patient’s body, it is spun for concentrating the growth factors and anti-inflammatory proteins. Once this plasma is injected into the injured area, it heals fast and shows powerful results.

As an alternative to invasive surgery, this is expensive but effective and safe.


There are researches and studies running on regenerative treatment. Amidst everything the American Journal of Sports Medicine has come to a conclusion that tendon and joint treatment can really go well with PRP injection. People in Oklahoma City are now quite fond of PRP injection, so the people of the U.S. A study has shown that over 1,000 patients who suffered from shoulder pain are benefitted by it.

Can You Get It?

It has been seen that soft tissue injuries and a few other conditions can be really treated well with PRP injections. But you need to undergo a complete treatment to determine whether you can take this treatment or not. PRP injections can treat these problems as well - joint pain from arthritis, meniscal/labral tears, tendonitis, lumbar disc disease, plantar fasciitis, partial tendon tears, degenerative disc disease, ligament sprains or tears, nerve inflammation.

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Regenerative Treatment in OKC for Athletes

Athletes can surely use this boon to treat their sport injury. Due to overusing a body part, players or athletes can get an injury on a spot. It can quickly make athletes to return on the playground.

If you truly need this PRP injection in Oklahoma City, come to Non Op Ortho. We will help you in this new context of regenerative treatment.