Get a New You with Stem Cell Therapy

Having a stem cell therapy is one of the extraordinary medical advancements for the people who are suffering from chronic pain or other severe issues. This is invasive but minimally, less downtime and uses biologic that come directly from the patient’s body. These are basically immature cells and have no specialized function. It can reproduce itself following the cell division method after a stagnant period. These cells can be stimulated to specialized cells for performing special functions.

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The older people are getting interested in this stem cell therapy as this can benefit their body in numerous ways and completely cure a few problems. But in which disease or medical issues, this therapy can work for you, it completely depends on your medical condition. Only a doctor can tell you if this therapy is for you or not. The Oklahoma City is also not far behind to use this medical advancement and people get really good stem cell therapy or treatment here, the credit mostly goes to Non Op Ortho.

People with arthritis, ACL tears and cuff injuries can opt for stem cell therapy in OKC. The cells are harvested or taken from fat cells or adipose tissue underneath the skin. To take the cells, doctors use a mini-liposuction process, generally in the abdominal region. It takes 20 minutes and uses local anesthesia. After the stem cells are extracted, these are delivered back into the body using a minimum invasive process which takes two and half hours.

The people who are beyond their retirement age, still like hiking, biking, trekking or do yoga can opt for this stem cell therapy in OKC. With age, the body starts decaying and people start becoming inactive. They might also have dementia. Orthopedic stem cell therapy can help them to improve the body. It also reduces frailty syndrome. This syndrome is associated with multisystem clinical conditions that when severe, it can lead to chronic health issues to death. Inflammation and weakened immune system – these two are the most common signs of frailty syndrome.

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At Non Op Ortho we provide people with these facilities to get relive from all these symptoms. The patient undergoing stem cell therapy in OKC can resume work in a few days. The person, before and after treatment, will be completely different.