Regenerative OrthopedicS

Knee Pain, Arthritis, Unhealed Sports Injury, Nerve Pain, Joint Pain


Suffering from Chronic Knee or Joint Pain?

Stop being crippled by chronic joint pain, try a proven natural alternative to surgery. Regenerative orthopedics is a natural method of treatment for damaged or degenerative tissue used to overcome chronic joint pain. Regenerative procedures re-establish normal function without surgery by using one's own body to heal itself. Once considered to be irreplaceable tissue, is now able to be restored and rejuvenated using regenerative orthopedics.

Low-Risk         Faster Recovery          Natural Healing          Minimal Downtime    No Surgery



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Nerve Pain | Neuropathy Treatment

Neuropathy is nerve pain commonly caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, vitamin deficiency, or thyroid dysfunction. When treating neuropathy, we first evaluate your condition, then determine the right treatment to improve or reduce your symptoms.


Scott Waugh, M.D., R.M.S.K.

Dr. Waugh is one of the nation’s leaders in regenerative orthopedics, practicing advanced technological treatments for over ten years. His educational background and training have been used to provide patients with quality care and customized treatment plans for chronic orthopedic conditions as an alternative to traditional medicine.